Dr. B.P.Verma


Message from Principal

"Success comes to those who work hard and stay with those who don't rest on the laurels of the past."

We live today in a world that is so different from the one we grew up in, the one we were educated in. The world today is changing at such an accelerated rate and we as educators need to pause and reflect on this entire system of education. Aristotle once sail that, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

We, as teachers, have accepted education as an important philosophy in life. As educators, our primary aim is to take responsibility for students and provide the best education possible. Whilst we aim to fulfill this goal, it is pivotal that students assist us by effectively communicating with teachers. We believe we will provide the educational success which our students deserve

- Dr.B.P.Verma

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+91 0651-2250337