a Doranda College | Application Form
Present address same as Permanent address.

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11. Subject*

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Under taking
I hereby declare that I have read & understand the rules & regulation of Doranda College given on the website of the college. I do affirm that the pieces of information given above by me are true and enclosed certificate are genuine. I undertake that:
1. I will abide by the scholastic and disciplinary regulations of the college.
2. I have enclosed genuine marks sheet, certificates & documents.
3. If any document/certificate is found forge and fake then college will have full right to lodge police case / FIR against me.
4. I will come to the college in the college uniform only.
5. I will always keep my identity card.
6. I will never misbehave with my teacher, staff & fellow students.
7. I will attend 75% classes or even more.
8. I will not use mobile phones in class rooms & inside the college campus. I will maintain and follow all cleanliness rules in the class and campus.
9. I will not put any ornaments and indecent dresses. I will not smoke in the class or college campus.
10. I will honestly follow the direction of Supreme Court against ranging for which I and my parents can be reported if I violet any rules.
11. I will not change any subject or faculty after submission of registration slips in JAC.
12. For long leave I will take permission in writing.
13. If I violate any rule the college can rusticate me any time without any notice.
14. In case of rustication I will not claim for the refund of fees deposited by me.